Anuja's is an American story. A daughter of immigrants, a mother, a small business owner, and an activist, Anuja's life experiences reflect Washtenaw County's vibrant community. Over the decades that she has lived in Ann Arbor, Anuja has worked for a new way through which people of all backgrounds can find common ground and move forward together. 

Courageous problem solver

Anuja believes in action and empowerment that drives results. She started her own business in Ann Arbor, served as development director for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and continues to mentor students and entrepreneurs through Walker's Legacy and other organizations.

inclusive community builder

Anuja has a long standing commitment to community service. She has volunteered for and collaborated with numerous schools, nonprofits, and businesses -- including Beaumont Hospital and Mitch Albom's S.A.Y. Clinic -- to make our region a better home for everyone.

experienced leader

Anuja works to bring people together and move them forward towards common goals. She serves on statewide and regional appointments focused on improving the mental and physical health of Michigan's youth and underserved populations.