World class education

We must expand educational opportunity and improve the quality and affordability of college and technical training. A workforce with access to the best education and training results in more job opportunities, higher wages, and healthier residents.

an economy that works for all of us

As a small business owner, I know how important access to infrastructure, training, and business development opportunities are to preparing our communities for the future. I am committed to making Michigan a magnet for businesses and talented people by welcoming policies that expand opportunity and fairness.


a seat at the table

Senate District 18 represents the best of Michigan, yet may have been left behind - and I know we can do better. I'm committed to making sure that everyone in Washtenaw County is included when we work on important issues such as protecting everyone's right to vote, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, and elder care.

accessible, affordable healthcare

I am committed to universal healthcare - including mental health - and to helping ensure that all families in Washtenaw County are healthy, safe, and financially secure as they work to pursue their highest aspirations.

a clean environment

Protecting our water, soil, air, and farmland is crucial for a flourishing Michigan economy and safe spaces for our residents. We need strong, assertive, long-term, natural resource policies so that our children and their children inherit a pure Michigan for generations to come.