“I have two sons and adopted two daughters who were abandoned and left homeless in India. I didn’t bring them here, where my own family sought the opportunity that only America can provide, just to have their lives shattered by gun violence. No child deserves that. No parent deserves to live in fear. And yet, every day, 46 children are shot and seven children die. We do not have to live like this. No other country does.”

I am a proud member of Moms Demand Action. I believe we need smart gun policy so that terrifying, senseless tragedies like the Parkland, FL school shooting never happen again.

I am one of less than a dozen candidates in Michigan to sign the #NoNRAMoney pledge renouncing any funding from the extremist organization.

My first bill in the State Senate will be banning most concealed weapons because I believe progressives need to be proactive on gun policy. As a mom of four, it’s time to put kids and safety first.

Politicians doing the NRA’s bidding in Lansing don’t understand how deeply frightening it is for children to see people with guns strapped on them while they’re shopping at Meijer or walking down the street. As a concerned parent who’s spent decades working in health and wellness, I’m not afraid to take on the NRA and other special interests running wild in Lansing.


The Michigan Senate’s response to terrifying mass shootings is to make it easier for disturbed individuals to get deadly weapons. They are completely out-of-touch with the people they represent, especially the vast majority of gun owners who want sensible measures.

The NRA’s “Guns Everywhere” bill that passed the Michigan Senate last year is a complete non-starter. It is a massive, ill-conceived expansion of the concealed carry law that would allow guns in schools, churches and religious centers, bars, sports stadiums, college dorms, and daycares.

I also strongly oppose the NRA’s radical concealed carry reciprocity bill in Congress, which will allow convicted felons and violent individuals to carry guns anywhere in the U.S. with no permit or training required.

I am committed to a peaceful world for our children and a comprehensive agenda to fight gun violence, including: universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, raising the age for gun licenses to 21, banning bump stocks, banning assault weapons, holding gun owners responsible for violence committed if their weapons aren’t properly secured, red-flag legislation for violent individuals, mandatory waiting periods, and investing more in mental health.

Recent polling showed 97% of American voters support background checks on all gun buyers and 83% support mandatory waiting periods. More voters now have a negative view of the powerful NRA than view it positively.

It’s time for progressives to stop playing defense on gun issues and stand up for our values.



1. Ban most concealed weapons. As the owner of a small business focused on health and wellness in Ann Arbor, I believe Michigan must be a leader in protecting kids, improving mental healthcare, and stopping gun violence. Michigan needs to enact strict New York- and California-style restrictions on concealed weapons unless individuals can provide a compelling reason to carry hidden, loaded guns in public. The evidence is clear that concealed carry laws don’t increase safety and actually can increase violence.

2. “Red Flag” legislation. I will advance bills that allow family members or police officers to ask a court to issue an “extreme risk protection order” that would prevent someone at risk for violent behavior from buying or owning a gun for up to a year. It also would allow law enforcement officers to seize guns in the person’s possession. Similar laws have already been passed in Indiana, California, Washington, Oregon and Connecticut. This measure has been found to decrease suicides as well as homicides.


3. Gun safety reform package. I will introduce a common-sense, comprehensive gun sense package including universal criminal background checks to cover all firearm sales, including long guns, and closing the “private sale loophole” that allows firearms to be sold without a background check. Legislation will also include raising the age for gun licenses to 21, banning bump stocks, banning assault weapons, holding gun owners responsible for violence committed if their weapons aren’t properly secured, and mandatory waiting periods. Closing the private sale loophole is supported by 84%, including 77% of gun owners, June 2017 Pew Research study found.

4. Investing more in mental health. I have always believed in a humanistic, holistic approach to health, but mental health is often neglected in our healthcare system. Leaders like Congresswoman Debbie Dingell have tirelessly advocated for more support for those with mental health issues and in domestic violence situations. I support community-based approaches that help law enforcement and mental health professionals reach vulnerable kids and adults.